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Our Membership Benefits

Our Membership Benefits

The UAE-India Business Council (UIBC) should be the firstchoice network for growing business between UAE and India.

Our mission is to facilitate business growth and assist in strategic inputs to our members by:

  • Increasing knowledge and exchange of experiences
  • Providing access to large business networks and relevant private and public institutions

We have to ensure all our activities (approx15 per year) and the information we share are relevant, timely and attractive to both large, Mid-size companies and SME’s. Networks are not created or maintained among companies by themselves, it’s created only amongst people. It is, therefore, most important even for corporates to make sure information is shared with the relevant employees in order to maintain and update the company’s knowledge management network.

It is our experience that companies do not have time to aggregate, identify and manage all the information required in order to understand the vast complexities of the Indian market.

We have made it our mission to do that for you.

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We manage the list of people across your company working with India and make sure they are aware of what is going on:

  • In the Indian market,
  • Between UAE and Indian companies,
  • Between the countries.
  • On the overall business scenario front,
  • Within the foreign ministries and embassies and in other relevant areas.

The more people have access to a broad set of relevant information, the better informed they are, leading to faster and more qualified decisions.

A membership in UAE-India Business Council ensures that the knowledge and understanding of India among decision-makers will increase within the company over the long run, a membership in UAE-India Business Council is your stable bearing point over time.

Additionally, the presence and support of large companies are important for SMEs, and in most cases, for the suppliers to the multinational firms. The large UAE companies established in India are very valuable for SME members to gain an understanding of different business and trade perspectives. It is therefore appreciated that large companies try to help and assist SME companies in various ways as a part of their corporate responsibility. The easiest way to ensure this happens is to be a member of UIBC. The way to apply for membership would be via our website.

We Also Offer

In addition, We offer

Visiting the country is a great way to build knowledge, find contacts, meet potential partners and assess your opportunity. We plan and deliver tailored market visits and familiarisation programmes for UAE businesses exploring India and vice-versa. Our visits are designed to provide you with a view of UAE/Indian business culture as well as invaluable contacts to support your decision making. Our on the ground team ensures that your trip includes relevant meetings with qualified leads, coincides with meaningful business development and networking opportunities and, if required, can include official-level engagement.
Our visits provide you with:

  • A structured visit focused on your needs – Save you time and money.
  • India/UAE programme built around business development – Create the right opportunities.
  • Face time with relevant and interested contacts – Get straight to business.
  • Advice from market entry experts – Specialists that help you make sense of India.
  • Support on the ground – Our in-country presence is with you every step of the way.

We work with members to advance their policy priorities through advocacy to decision makers across government of both the countries. India has one Union Government and many state, city, and rural administrations, which makes India’s bureaucracy complex. We understand how to navigate this complexity and how to overcome the challenges to access the opportunities that different regions present. We work across India and the UAE to promote the interests of UAE businesses with ministries and officials by partnering with a wide range of government and non-government organisations. These include UAE and Indian trade associations, think tanks, and other influential bodies.

Through UIBC, you get access to a powerful network with long experience and knowledge about India and UAE. You will get direct access to the right people being able to share their extensive experience with you.

Receive research publications and other valuable reportson a wide range of subjects

We convene meetings between members and officials in the UAE and Indian government. We partner with members to organise events each year, including summits with members of the UAE and Indian Government, trade delegations to and from India and conversations with industry thought leaders.Receive invitations to our relevant seminars at discounted prices or for free.

As a member of UIBC, we also offer a one-hour per month consulting/advise time for startups to assist them in their Q&A.

We will provide you with a digital magazine covering the last months UAE-India business news, information of current affairs with updates from the UAE Embassy, Indian Embassy, UAE Foreign Affairs, an economic outlook, cultural affairs and our chronicle written by experienced and highly relevant people.

Having a presence on the ground in any foreign market enhances your chances of success. As you move to fulfil those ambitions, and having a “Virtual Office” would allow you to accelerate your entry. Virtual office @ UIBC:

  • A business address
  • Company domiciliation, secretarial, phone and mail service
  • Immediate and flexible access to a meeting and office areas upon request

At a glance, you can: open an office, register your address, work on a flexible basis and meet associates, clients and partners.

Most details will be accessible through the website where you also find your fellow members’ contact details.

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