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Membership Structure

Membership Structure of UIBC

Partnering with UAE-India Business Council

UAE-India Business Council (UIBC) is a very active Council focused on bringing a deeper understanding of the UAE-India relationship. By increasing UIBC members’ knowledge and engage decision-makers, our members make smarter business. A partner enjoys a higher membership status from additional marketing and support to tailor-made solutions, depending on the need of the Partner.

Membership Structure

Membership Structure of UIBC

Executive Membership is the highest level of membership with UIBC. Companies or organizations choose this level for its tailor-made solutions depending on what the client requires. UIBC works closer as strategic advisors at this level on issues pertaining to the client’s needs. Executive Membership includes:
  • Benefits of Associate and Premium Membership
  • 6 articles written by the Partner, which will be sent to key people in India and UAE
  • A tailor-made solution including a call with India representativeonce a month
  • Opportunity to arrange seminars and be part of planning them
  • Participation at all UIBC events with marketing material
  • Company name mentioned in UIBC press releases
  • Nominee in Executive Committee of the UAE-India Business Council
  • Preference in nomination as Chairman and Co-Chairman of various Committees
  • Priority invitations to CEO-level briefings & bilateral meetings with Government of India and UAE Government
  • Prominent speaker positions in key events of the UIBC and other forums
A Premium Membership is chosen when a company or organization is interested in having a higher exposure level and being more engaged. Premium gives greater access to members in the form of greater member communication via direct emails, social media and via debate articles. A Premium Membership also includes a higher level of UIBC as advisors to the Partner. Premium Membership includes:
  • Benefits of Associate Partnership
  • Social Media posts and comments every month – 4 posts across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • 2 articles written by the Partner, which will be sent to key people in UAE and India
  • Additional strategic advisor time at various levels
  • Participation in setting UIBC advocacy goals and strategic planning
  • Participation in various sectoral Committees/ Task Forces to drive policy agenda
  • Opportunities to host UAE Government delegations and Ministers
  • Invitation to speak at UIBC events
An Associate Membership includes: An Associate Membership is chosen when a company or organization is looking for increased visibility in the UAE-India corridor. This would include:
  • Marketing material at UIBCs open events
  • Logo on throughout the year
  • Access to participation lists at UIBC’s own events
  • Logo in all UIBC proprietary invitations
  • Entry to member-only events, executive trade delegations, and briefings with Govt. Officials
  • Participate in advocacy-related events, programs and networking opportunities

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